Tuesday, 15 May 2012

My First Football Stream Online

There are many times on the weekend that you wish you could watch the football game that you want to watch but you are limited, limited by your local cable company.  We've all been there and relatively speaking it really stinks.  Who only wants to be able to watch the football games of their local football team.  What if your favorite team is not located around you.  I lived in New York but my favorite team was the San Francisco 49ers and it was painful to try to watch their games but I simply did not have access to them.  Flash forward to 2009 and the answers to my prayers were solved.

I had come online searching and searching and searching to try to find the 49ers game against the Cowboys.  No luck on Google, or MSN, or Ask or anywhere else that I had looked.  I also tried places like ESPN, CBS Sportline, and NFL.com.  Nowhere could I find this game streaming online.  I then came across a forum called MyP2P which was a great forum.  A lot of people on there were all about sharing sports streams and helping each other find the games streaming live online.  With kickoff 30 minutes away I was beginning to have some hope that I would have a shot at watching the Cowboys and the 49ers play. 

My hope was starting to fade because everyone I talked to could not help me with a link to this game until I came across user Big Mac.  I only talked to him this one time but it was such a helpful talk that I still remember his username to this day.  He mentioned I look on a site called p2p4u because they listed all the streams that the web owner found for the football games that were being streamed online.  I went there and screamed... a link to the 49ers game.

I went to the link about 5 minutes before kickoff was scheduled and there was nothing there.  My joy quickly faded and turned to anger as I felt that I had been tricked.  I waited, and waited, and waited, and what felt like an eternity (which was really only five minutes) passed and all of a sudden the stream came to life and sure enough there were the 49ers and the Cowboys on the field ready to do battle on the gridiron.  This is one of my fondest online memories and since then I have been a diehard p2p4u fan. 

If you want to catch the big game and you are having no luck I highly recommend you check out http://www.ip2p4u.com and see if your game is listed there.  It is a great feeling to be able to watch that first football game online after struggling and never having any success.  And if you stop by the MyP2P forum ever send Big Mac my love, he really saved me that day and has provided me with a great resource that I've used every weekend of the NFL football season since then.